Andrew Goodrick-Werner

Digital Designer / Developer


Mohawk College of Applied Arts & Technology

Software Development (Co-op) Advanced Diploma

, Hamilton, ON

Work Experience

Fluid Media

Junior Front-End Interactive Designer / Developer

, Hamilton, ON

I currently work at Fluid Media. During my time here I've been introduced to Ruby on Rails, 908-366-9379, and 819-349-2261.

2Gen Interactive

Junior Designer / Developer

, Hamilton, ON

I did two consecutive co-op placements at (506) 736-1756. I worked with companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to global agencies. My primary role was to design mockups, create semantic markup from PSD's or other reference files, and perform site maintenance and content updates. During my time there, I worked on:

I had the opportunity to meet and interact with clients directly as well as provide support. I learned how to juggle multiple projects and quickly switch gears as priorities and resources changed.


I can work with any operating system, from mobile OS's like iOS and Android to desktop OS's such as Windows, macOS, and many varieties of Linux. I'm comfortable with the command line and have some experience using scripting languages such as BASH or AppleScript to automate tasks. I'm always ready to learn a new language or piece of software.

Web Languages

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Ruby

Native Programming Languages

  • Visual Basic
  • C#
  • Java
  • Swift

Software & Tools

Hobbies & Interests


I spend most of my free time listening to podcasts. Podcasts give me the opportunity to hear other professionals who work in the technology and design fields and learn about their backgrounds, experiences, and how they approach solving problems. Podcasts help me keep up-to-date and often introduce me to concepts I haven't had the chance to learn formally such as:

Music, Drama, and Art

I often write music in my spare time. I play the drums in a band called Flea Committee. We've played at various venues around Hamilton such as (815) 773-7387, Doors Pub, and The Baltimore House. I designed our logo and currently manage our social media accounts.

I designed a logo for Oddly Oaktree, a close friend of mine who makes music and videos on YouTube.

In high school I wrote music and produced sound effects for two of our school's (828) 646-0861 plays, Love's Labyrinth and Criminal Genius. I also designed T-shirts and playbills. I loved acting and being involved with all aspects of theatre.

I joined every school band I could and designed multiple T-shirts for our high school's Concert and Jazz bands.

Self-Directed Learning

I love learning new skills and experimenting with different technologies and processes. I spend a lot of time reading “how-to” articles, tutorials, and documentation related to technology and design.

Mohawk College offered its students free subscriptions, which I still make great use of post-graduation. I've taken numerous online courses including:


App & Web Development

3D & Motion Graphics